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O'THINK Hot Coffee Cup
Brand designer creation, exhibiting environmental friendly design fun

Green Your Life

Biodegradable Plastics, Environmentally Friendly Green Products

O'THINK full range of products uses green plastic (biodegradable plastic) material, and is 100% natural and environmentally friendly. No plasticizing agents to affect health or pollute the environment. This is the new main theme of green living supplies. Every household item is made from biodegradable bio plastic, including reusable cups, special garbage bags, environmentally friendly bread bags, chopsticks, dining cutlery, biodegradable plastic spoon, bathing bath balls, etc.

New green environmentally friendly opportunity

Promoting natural green environmentally friendly raw qualities to be used for the development of biodegradable plastic material. Specializing in producing green products to meet the rising awareness of the green era. Environmentally friendly cultural combined with the creative design concepts of professional designers produced these natural non-toxic and biodegradable plastic items with design sense. After it is discarded it still can be broken down into soil and fertilizer. It positively benefits both the environment and people...more

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